15 Questions That Will Get You a Second Date (For Sure)

Wondering how to have an exciting relationship with your potential lover? The key is to share vulnerabilities for a personal connection and special bond. Explore our guide to the best first date now.
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15 Questions That Will Get You a Second Date (For Sure)

Having fun conversations during any dates is paramount. When it comes to first dates it is even more important because depending on how your date goes you'll go on a second one. How you met with your date does matter on this too. If you decide to go on a first date with someone you meet online you need to invest some time on possible conversation topics to avoid awkward silences.

Do you want to know a secret?

Human being tend to feel closer to the people they share personal details insecurities and vulnerabilities. So for a strong future-promising relationship you must connect personally and emotionally.

For this you must plan what you will ask before going on a date so that you can get prepared overcome possible dating anxiety and keep the conversation going and interesting. That's exactly why we listed first date questions that are personal and fun and will lead you to have the best first date. Let's dive in.

1. *What is your favorite book that you read once in a while?

2. *What is the stupidest fashion trend?

3. *If you solve one world problem what would it be?

4. *What expensive thing is totally worth it?

5. *What would you be famous for?

6. *What Netflix series do you like to watch?

7. *Of what music band would you love to be a member?

8. *What makes you cringe?

9. *What do you think is the most essential element of a romantic relationship?

10. *When was the last time you felt unconditional love?

11. *What should we learn from children?

12. *What is your spirit animal? Why?

13. *How can you maximize happiness in life?

14. *How does true chemistry feel like?

15. *Who is your favorite ‘Friends’ character?

In short...

These types of conversation starters will allow you to have fun and connect with your date super easily. Do you want to learn more? Check out our daily blog posts with helpful information tips and guides on dating. What's more? It is all free because we are your best wingman who wants to help you.

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