20 First Date Questions That Will Lead to a Second Date

Wondering how to have fun conversations on your first date? You're in the right place. With our suggestions you will have amazing communications and guarantee a second date.
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20 First Date Questions That Will Lead to a Second Date

First dates could be nerve-wracking. Even when you're with a fascinating person. It's totally understandable if you get anxious. Lucky for you we are here to help you have an amazing first date. All you need is to know what to ask to break the ice get to know your date better and have fun together. We've got you covered with the best first date questions to ask so that you can keep the conversation flowing and guarantee a second date. Let's dive in.

1. *What’s one downside of living here that you don’t think you’ll ever get used to?

2. *Tell me the stupidest dream you saw in your sleep.

3. *Put these in the order you'd want to go: Beyonce concert a football game Ellen Show Comic-Con and a movie gala.

4. *What could you never handle if you were in Survivor?

5. *What has been the most important decision in your life?

6. *What are your retirement plans?

7. *What actor do you think is underrated?

8. *How can you get comfort when you are really upset?

9. *What weird flavor do you like?

10. *What is your go-to funny story?

11. *What do you hate to do in your free time?

12. *What are your greatest achievements in life?

13. *What TV shows do you not even get bored binge-watching?

14. *What is your dream job?

15. *What’s one thing you wished to know before going to college?

16. *What is you spirit animal?

17. *What are you grateful for?

18. *What do you think the best color in the nature?

19. *How do you handle stress?

20. *What is your favorite body part? Why?

In short by asking questions that will lead to fun and honest conversations you will get to know your date better improve your bond and get a second date for sure. For further questions and tips check us out.

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