3 Best Ways to Impress a Girl on Chat (2019)

Want to know how to flirt with a girl via text messages and impress any girl you want? Explore the best tips by dating experts.
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3 Best Ways to Impress a Girl on Chat (2019)

Dating sites are the quickest way to meet new single ladies and start flirt chats with anyone. You can meet people in your area or use it for international dating. Isn't it magical? You can achieve any of your relationship goals because finding true love made easier now.

However your great flirting skills may not always work in the digital daters era. Let's face it text conversations may not always go on track. You must know some strategies to flirt over text successfully. Thankfully we’ve got you covered with cool flirting tips for texting to use on dating apps and online chat rooms.

1. Get to Know Her Better


When you want to learn how to impress a girl listening is the best way! Regardless of online or offline. Yes you met her already among thousands of singles to meet. But getting to know her is more important.

Ultimately it is the EASIEST way to attract girls. Women would absolutely appreciate it if you are interested in them. How to get to know her better;

*Find interesting questions to ask a girl over text about her hobbies personality and lifestyle.

*Focus on finding common interests.

*Pay attention to what she says.

*Show you’re interested to learn more about her.

*Remember the things she said to become someone special in her eyes.

2. Compliment Like a Gentleman

When you meet girls online complimenting them help you have a good first impression. This is where you flirt with girls a lot. So do it wisely. Our tips include;

*Use cute emojis: Send winky faces or hugs. Not at the same! Don’t overuse them because that would just seem annoying.

*Say her name often: A classic tactic if you aren't sure how to get a girlfriend. Combine cute adjectives with her name to make it even better.

*Don’t be shallow: Compliment her personality confidence and beliefs. Not just her look!

*Give specific examples: Saying ‘You have a great personality’ and ‘I love how caring you are about animals.’ are totally different. Latter is better.

*Be unique: For instance; ‘I appreciate your intelligence wit and calmness. If I were on a deserted island I could easily survive with these three. I feel like I find the one you amaze me.’

3. Send Memes and Funny Videos

Who doesn’t love funny cat videos?

Sending text messages all the time might be boring. To keep her interest during the chat funny images can be a life-saver. Hence stop texting all the time and start sending memes!

Super easy doesn't it?

Thanks to these tips you will be able to flirt your way to romance. Go on a few free dating websites apply these tips while talking to girls.

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