3 Common Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Do you not want to lose your chances of dating someone because of silly mistakes? Explore our guide to learn common online dating mistakes and how to avoid them.
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3 Common Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to online dating your messages determine whether you get a date or not. You need to know what to do and say to impress your matches and keep talking to them. But we are all human and make mistakes. A wrong message or behavior may negatively affect your chances of connecting with your potential partners. Hence you have to be careful. Let’s see what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Getting Angry When You’re Ghosted

Yes that sucks. But if she ghosts you there may be other reasons than hating you. She might just be busy or forgetful. You are matched with her because you BOTH liked each other. Instead of giving up on her and sending hate messages be patient and polite.

What to do when you’re ghosted?

*Send a fun message to make fun of the situation but don't go too far.

*Don’t smother her with too many messages. Three messages a day is more than enough.

*Use the love prospecting formula- show her why you are a compatible good match and why she would adore you if she gives a chance.

*Explore our tips to guarantee responses online.

Mistake #2: Talking Too Much About Yourself

When you only speak about yourself all the time you will bore your match and she won’t want to talk anymore. You won’t get any more interesting by speaking about your character your schedule or your cat's diet.

What to do instead?

*Keep her curious by letting her get to know you slowly.

*Always try to learn more about her by asking questions.

Mistake #3: Not Talking At All

Is there even any need to say that you should talk and show your interest for date with your online friend?

If you are too shy you can just ask questions to show how curious you are about her. She will understand that you are into her then. Taking your chance cannot be any worse than not taking any chances because of the fear of rejection. Just go for it and do not regret it later on.

What to do?

*Ask fun questions to keep the conversation going.

*Show your interests with photos and wait for her to start a conversation.

In short…

Since your messages have a big impact on impressing someone you need to be careful when you’re texting. Being positive and trying to learn more about your matches are the basic things to avoid the mistakes we’ve mentioned above.

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