3 Easy Ways to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Searching for some helpful tips that will allow you to have a scam free online dating experience? Discover our guide for online dating safety.
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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Online Dating Scams

There is no doubt that online dating safety is essential when you are looking for a date on the internet. Knowing how to stay safe when dating online is the key here. That’s why we collected some exclusive online dating safety tips that will help you stay secure when you are in search of true love.

1) Be Wary of Inconsistent People

Checking consistency and paying attention to some details can reveal whether a person is lying. If a person is too vague about their interests or personal information not giving too many details to your questions giving you inconsistent answers they might be making stuff up. They may present themselves in a way that is too good to be true to become the center of attention. If you notice this kind of behavior you should not trust those people too much and maybe stop communicating.

2) Don't Share Intimate Pictures

Obviously! Do not send your private photos to anyone. Especially when anyone requests your intimate photos never send them. Ever! Be safe online by protecting your personal life to yourself on dating apps.

3) Never Lend Any Money

You wouldn't normally give any money but scammers know how to gain your sympathy with their sad stories.They might make up a disease or a family issue to make you feel bad and offer money to them. To stay safe when dating online never respond to their requests send any money or share financial information like your credit card details. Don't be afraid of reporting them.


While trying to meet your soulmate on internet dating these tactics will help you have a safe online dating experience and avoid any scams. In the meantime if you want to explore for further expert tips and guides check out Waplog.

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