3 Pieces of Dating Advice You Should Disregard

Need some love and relationship advice? Ignore commonly accepted stupid tips that is just harmful to your relationship. Learn what these dangerous advice to avoid at all cost.
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3 Pieces of Dating Advice You Should Disregard

Relationships are difficult to manage all the time. It is almost impossible not to have a problem in a relationship. Those times you may not know how to react or what to do because you don't want to hurt your partner or aggravate the situation. That's why you try to get advice from someone you trust. Having a different and objective aspect of your relationship might be helpful for you as long as that advice is realistic. We don't argue with that. But no matter how well they know you and your relationship not all dating tips or love advice works perfectly. Sometimes the advice you get from someone else works the opposite way and make things worse. Hence you must learn to ignore some advice for the sake of your relationship. Let's what those are and what the best thing you should do if you face that problem.

1. Your Partner Should Be Your Soul Mate

Finding your soulmate is hard. We must admit that most people can't find their soul mates. But it doesn't mean that you will be unhappy if you are with someone else. The only thing that matters is love. You can fall in love with someone special too not necessarily your soul mate. To have a healthy relationship you should love respect and become best friends with each other. So you should absolutely ignore the love advice that 'wait to find a soul mate don't settle for less'. Otherwise you will lose your faith and hope in love and feel sad all the time whereas you could have a perfect relationship with someone nice.

2. Don't Be Too Picky

Why not? Everyone should have standards and some deal breakers because tolerating many things you hate will make you unhappy all the time. This advice usually comes with the following phrase of ''or you will die alone''. Being in an unhealthy relationship and sad all the time is worse than being alone. Trust us be picky and don't tolerate your deal breakers.

3. Your Friends Must Like Your Partner

This is a bit harsh but they don't have to get along well. Why would you stop seeing someone you love just because he or she can't get along well with your friends? If this is the case it means you should find seperate time for your friends and partner. In fact that would even be better because having some space and different social circles are great for relationships. Having common friends and spending all your time together aren't so healthy as you might think.

In short; no matter what your relationship stage is whether you meet online and started to date newly or you're in a relationship with someone for so long these advice will always come up and confuse you. Know that every relationship is different sometimes following a stupid advice that is commonly accepted might ruin your relationship. For further tips check us out.

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