3 Secrets on How to Impress a Guy On a First Date

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3 Secrets on How to Impress a Guy On a First Date

First dates are stressing because you have only one chance to get a guy like you. It is like a trailer of a long movie and you might get nervous that your potential partner might not enjoy it and wonder about the rest of the movie. Well; that would be suck. But; this won't be a case for you. Not anymore. Many dating experts reveal the secrets of successful first dates that will make him want you more. We collected the most important secrets and tricks by them; let's get started.

1. Don’t Go Too Far:

Have some principles for your own good about the first dates. Even if you are super into him and willing to do everything with him; don’t go too far physically. No matter how cute he is; if he asks you to come to his home; kindly refuse. Opinions on what going too far might differ from person to person at this point. But; generally speaking; kissing on the first date is OK. But; that should be the limit. You shouldn't go beyond kissing if you want him to fall for you. Why? When you take yourself seriously; he will do it too. Also; men are like children who always want what they can't have. So; make him wait for it a little and show that you are a wonderful woman whom he can't play and hurt. For example;

Him: Do you want to come over tonight for Netflix and chill? I would like to cuddle you.

You: I would like to cuddle too; but I think meeting in a cafe for coffee for a first date is much better.

This way; you don’t kill his vibe and you state that you are not a toy. Which he will admire because he’ll see you are different and take you seriously.

2. Pay or At Least Offer to Pay:

You may think that it is a man’s job to pay. We don't question or judge your opinions. But; get this. Paying the dinner makes some men feel used. Hence; by offering to pay; you show that you are there for him; not after his money; and you are a great team player.

Some men like paying because it makes them feel more masculine and in control. But; this trick will help you impress any men you like; regardless of their point of view. This type of men will even get more attracted because by letting him pay; you'll make him feel like a super hero.

3. Order Something To Share:

Have a dessert or french fries to share. This way; you will signal that you have similar taste in something and you would love to share it with that person. It’ll show you can be good teammates together.

In conclusion; it is all about showing that you are a good team player for him and you are a wonderful woman who confidently takes herself seriously. For further tips; check out our daily blogs.

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