3 Simple Steps to Master At Impressing Girls

Do you want to impress girls over text and date with them? See our tips to achieve your dreams quickly.
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3 Simple Steps to Master At Impressing Girls

I can hear you saying: 'I want to meet people near me for dates but can't meet offline.'

You can meet singles in your area easily on dating sites. But there's the catch. To win a date with single girls you meet online you must flirt on chat and impress them. How? Getting a date in real life over text messages requires some strategies. Lucky for you you wingman presents you with them. Let's dive in.

1. Seem Unassuming But Assume

This is absolutely the BEST strategy if you like her but she isn't quite into you.

You want to chat and date with this girl right? But you can't make it too obvious. If you want to achieve your goals use trojan horse strategy. Say you want something she likes right now. You should seem unassuming that she will join you but you actually hope that she will. For instance;

*I am dying for a Hawaiian Pizza right now.

*Guess what I want right now? Ice cream. Three coops of lemon strawberry and melon.

*I am craving for white mocha right now.

2. Show Your Difference

Not so big news: Being yourself is much more attractive!

One of the mistakes men make trying to impress women is to pretend like others. You need to be your unique self. Don't be afraid of showing your cute and weird quirks too. Believe us girls love that. When you do these she will get emotionally closer to you and trust you more. Therefore you’ll stand out from others and impress her.

3. Lighten Up the Mood

Nobody likes a bitter pessimist. Hence be positive when you're sending flirty texts if you want to impress a girl. Even when you’re ghosted. How to ease off the mood in that situation?

Start a conversation to make fun of the situation. For example you can say; ‘Wow my grandmother would text faster than you.’ or ‘Ouch it has been ages since we talked. We need to make it up before the world ends.'

Positive conversation starters when you're still trying to flirt with this girl is the only way to win her back.

In short

When you meet local singles or people around the world online you need to follow some strategies to turn the online relationship into offline. Now you know how to do it! You should go on a dating site for singles meet new people online and try these tactics. We’re sure that you will be a pro in your love life.

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