3 Steps to Turn a Player Into a Lover

Looking for some secrets to turn a player into a stayer? Check out our helpful guide on this.
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3 Steps to Turn a Player Into a Lover

When you have feelings for a guy who is a player; it may be a little more difficult to make him love you and be with you in the long run. If you are looking for some secrets on how to make him fall in love with you; you're in the right place. Winning a player's heart and convincing him to be in a committed relationship with you requires to be unique. You should show your difference and stand out among other girls. You don't need to be prettier than other girls or be a master at flirting to impress a guy. You need to make him realize you are a catch; different than any other girls can ever be. Here; we collected some tips to show your difference to change a player into a boyfriend.

1. Make Him Jealous

Players think they can get any girl they like just like that. If you are really into him; you should show him that there are other potential lovers waiting for dating you. This works because he probably takes you as granted. But; don't go too far because he will probably back off. Making him jealous doesn't mean becoming a player yourself. Players like to play but in the long run; they want to marry a great woman. So; you need to convince him that you can flirt casually with other men at a party or a bar because you are a catch that others notice.

2. Be Ambitious

Have a big plan in your mind to make your biggest dreams come true. Players get impressed by women who are ambitious and have values and dreams. Other girls will probably make their lives centered around the player and he will get bored. When you have your own goals; show that you are active and can be a strong independent woman; he will dig that. You'll make him want to be involved in your future by encouraging and inspiring!

3. Impress His Mother or Best Friend

You may not have the opportunity to meet his mother and that's fine. You can impress his friends too. When you get to know the most important people in his life; you need to bring your A game. Players tend to idealize a woman figure in their lives; this is mostly their mother; grandmother or other random women. If you can impress them; you'll easily impress the player you love. You can visit his mother; send flowers; send special gifts; join his mother's book club or invite his best female friends to a fun activity. Make them think that you are a keeper.

Turning a player into a boyfriend may sound hard; but it is not impossible when you know some tricks. Now that you learned some of them; it's time to apply and see the result for yourself! You will not believe how effective they are. Don't believe us; just try and observe!

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