3 Tactics to Make a Bad Boy Fall In Love With You

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3 Tactics to Make a Bad Boy Fall In Love With You

Even though we all know that we should avoid it; we are all willing victims of bad boy charm. Girls who fall in love with players and bad boys experience so much mood shifts and even depression. We understand the feeling so we won't say that you should avoid bad boys. We will give you some tips to make him want you more and consider settling down for you. If you follow these tips; you'll have smoother experience of dating with a player and make that process easier for yourself. Let's jump in.

1. Compliment Something He Controls:

Men love hearing if a woman is attracted to him. Instead of making him struggle with guesswork; be direct and blunt about your feelings and attraction. When it comes to players and bad boys; they already have a huge ego that they want to be validated by every girl.

But; here’s the catch.

Complimenting his look wouldn't make so much impact on their ego. You should compliment something CHOOSES to do; say or wear. Why is this more effective? Let's say; you complimented his style and said you loved his hoodie. Because he chooses his own style; it is something he can control; he will get more flattered. He'll know he did the right thing. When it comes to looks; he can't control it. So; happiness will last longer when you compliment something he does or chooses. This will make both of you more comfortable and it will be easier to overcome dating anxiety.

2. Show Your Warm Nature:

When you are polite and nice to other people even if you don't know them; he will understand that you have a good personality. So; don’t forget your manners. Say thank you and please more to the waiters or someone else you had an interaction with. He will get impressed when he sees you being caring and nice to everyone.

3. Be Energetic and Excited:

It’s okay to feel nervous on your first date. But; being cold or trying to keep it cool is a turn off for guys when you’re on a first date. He would love to see you energetic; excited and happy to with him for the first time. Your positive vibe will spread and make your date go well. He will understand that you are a fun person to hang out with and he will imagine how fun and happy he will be for the rest of the dates and maybe even his life with you.

We must say that these tips are highly effective. But; if he says he doesn't want a relationship or isn't ready for it yet; even though he likes you; you need to give him time and space and be patient. Tell him that he should find out what he wants and if he wants to commit in a serious relationship; you hope to be there with him. We have many other tips for you; check out our daily blogs.

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