3 Ways To Tell If Your Female Friend Likes You

Not sure how to tell if a girl likes you? On this guide we'll answer all your questions and give all signs she wants to be more than friends.
3 Ways To Tell If Your Female Friend Likes You

A female friend of yours has started acting differently and you are curious whether she likes you or not. You must be certain about her feelings before doing anything wrong either to get her or to ruin the future of your friendship. You are right to think that way because nobody wants to take the wrong actions and lose a friend or maybe a future-girlfriend forever.

So how do you know if your best friend loves you? What to do when your friend likes you?

To tell if she likes you for sure you need to pay attention to her behaviors. We have listed some sure signs a girl likes you. Let’s see.

1. She Wants to Spend More Time With You

If your friend suddenly wants to spend more time with you than usual it might be a sign that she has started to like you more than a friend.

What you have to pay attention here is that she wants to hang out more or spends more time with you when you hang out. If she likes you she will take her time to leave when you are together. She will be patient with you and never rush things. She will want to see you more so she will accept all your offers to hang out or even she can offer you to hang out.

If you think you started to see her more often these days this is one of the ways you know a girl likes you.

2. She Always Has An Excuse To See You

How to tell if a girl really likes you?

If she uses every opportunity that she has just to talk to you or to see you this is a strong sign she likes you.

She might call you in the middle of the night just to ask you something that has no importance. Moreover she will never ditch you up. No matter how busy she is she will always have time for you. That's because she likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible.

3. She Makes Plans For You Two

Your female friend who likes you will make plans especially for you and her. If you two started to hang out alone more than usual without your common friends this is how you know if she likes you. You’ll see other friends less.

Or she might invite you to the activities with her friends whom you do not even know. She will want to introduce you to her friends and see what they think about you.

Now isn't everything more clear that she likes you the most among all your friends?

By observing these you can be more certain whether your friend likes you or not. Do you need more evidence to find out if a girl likes you? Check out our guides now.

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