3 Worst Date Ideas Ever

Are you about to go on a date with someone? Make sure to choose the right place for it.
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3 Worst Date Ideas Ever

Choosing a good place for your first date is important because it will be memorable. But; find the perfect spot may be hard. It needs to be unique; creative; special and most importantly; comfortable. When you choose a bad place; you may kill your chances of romance with a potential gf or bf. We'll give you some examples of date spots to avoid for a first date; let's start.

1. Bowling

This is one of the worst date ideas ever! Although bowling is a fun acitivity with friends; first dates are about talking and getting to know each other. So; if you go bowling as two people; you'll take turns too quickly and never have a proper chance to talk. Hence; it's best if you leave it to some other day.

2. Group Activities

It's understandable if you want to meet your date in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. But; the thing is; your date is there to meet YOU; not friends. He or she will probably feel awkward and uncomfortable with them and maybe not even will have a chance to talk to you. So; you need to be alone with your potential girlfriend or boyfriend.

3. Netflix and Chill

Let's not kid ourselves. There is only one thing behind this date. This date means you aren't looking for serious relationships. If you want to make meaningful connections and have a romantic partner; this type of date is wrong for you.

To wrap up; you need to get to know your date so choose places that will enable you to have pleasant conversations and enjoy talking to each other. Otherwise; it's just a waste of time going out on a first date. Mark our words and get inspired.

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