4 First Date Spots to Avoid

If you do not want to get nervous on a first date; you have to know some places to avoid going on a first date.
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4 First Date Spots to Avoid

It is super easy to kill the romance of first dates by taking a woman to the wrong place. Hence; you must know where to go on a first date. Choosing the best dating place for a first date is a great contributor to how your date will go. It must be somewhere you feel comfortable. So; we collected some date places to avoid in order to feel comfortable on your date. Let's jump in.

1. Any Restaurant With Messy or Foreign Food

You might love to try different cuisines and that's great. But; it is not a good date idea to do it. You or your date may feel sick because of the new food. Or; you may need to learn how to eat foreign food; for example with chopsticks; and you may get shy or uncomfortable if you can't learn how to eat it in a certain way. Furthermore; when you're on a first date; always go for the meal you are used to and like. You should stay away from messy meal such as spaghetti. because you may feel uncomfortable eating it in front of your date.

2. Too Crowded Places

Meeting in a public place is an absolute for a first date. But; don't pick a place that is super crowded such as concerts; nighclubs; sports match; cafes in happy hour. You need to get to know each other; talk and hear what your date says.

3. Movie Theater

Again; you must get to know each other on your first date. So; you must find a place where you can talk and share. Going to the movies is counteractive to this purpose. Sitting in the dark and not talking for two hours is tremendous misuse of a first date. Even though you both love that movie; we suggest that leave it to another time.

4. Double Dates

This will be awkward no matter how much you know your couple friends. You may want to meet your potential partner in a friendly atmosphere so you may like to invite other friends. But; you probably can't talk too much and learn more about each other if you are with others. Meeting only the two of you is the best idea.

In conclusion; hoosing the perfect first date place might be hard but it is not impossible. Just know what not to do and the places to avoid and have fun!

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