4 Things You Shouldn't Talk About on a First Date with Your Crush

Are you going to meet your crush for the first time? If you don't want to destroy your chances with your date; check out this post and learn what not to say or do on your first date.
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4 Things You Shouldn't Talk About on a First Date with Your Crush

First dates can be stressful. It is understandable because you may not be nervous about making a good first impression; keeping the conversation going and fun and many more. This dating anxiety can cause you to say something awkward or bring up some things you never should on a first date. We are going to talk about what you should not say on your first date so that you wouldn’t ruin your chances of potential happiness. Let’s start.

1. Your Crush:

If you are on a first date with your longtime crush; don’t mention that you had a crush on him or her for a long time. It will definitely sound creepy; even though it is kind of cute. By the way; kudos for your date; good for you! You can mention you had a crush on him or her but that’s it. Don’t talk about the time; unless you want to seem like a crazy stalker.

2. Your Insecurities

You’d never want to look like you have a lack of self-esteem. On any date and to anyone. But; when you are with your crush and having a first date; you should be confident. If you can’t; force it. Since you already think that your crush is flawless; you’ll tend to believe less of yourself and he or she is out of your league. This state of mind will even get worse when you are unconfident. So; know that your crush is a human being with flaws too; yes; even though you can’t see it. And; you are as amazing as your crush. You don’t even have to be nervous because your crush wants to date with you too. So; just relax; be yourself and get confident!

3. Your Future Together

Your crush may not find dreams about a shared future as cute and romantic as you might believe. If you talk about your timeline to get married and have kids; you'll freak your crush out. Wait until you're in a more established and solid relationship.

4. Bedroom Preferences You most probably want to have a long term relationship with your crush. For that; you should try to connect on a personal and emotional level more than physical. You’re both attracted to each other in the first place so you’re on a date. Also; it is never a good idea talking about your fantasies and physical needs on a date with anyone because you are not that intimate yet.

To wrap up; you may feel anxious to leave a impression and make your crush like you. Now; you know what not to talk about and do when you are on a date with your crush. Have a great date!

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