4 Tips to Turn Your Online Match Into a Date

Do you need help with asking a girl out after you met her on online dating sites? Learn how to do it like a king.
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4 Tips to Turn Your Online Match Into a Date

So you’re on a dating site for singles and enjoy flirting for free and online chatting with strangers. Then you matched with someone. You start to hit it off and want to meet offline after chatting online. But how can you bring it up and decide go on a first date with your online dating match? It may make you uncomfortable and shy but you can never know if you don't ask. And honestly if you feel like you connected with this person he or she feels the same way as you. So you probably don't get rejected if you ask them out. Let's dive into some tips to switching your flirty banter from online to offline.

1. Don't Wait Too Long

The more you wait they more awkward it will get. So you should ask after a few days of meeting online or lets say a week. Of course you need to take some cautions such as meeting in a public place and so on.

2. Find a Common Interest

Common interests make a great theme for the first date. If you match is a foodie about Asian cuisine ask him or her to go out and discover the best Asian food in a great restaurant. If your match is into movies going to a movie theather is a great first date idea.

3. Leave a Part of Story to Talk in Person

You basically kindly offer to meetup in person. Tell an interesting story make yopur match curious about and leave them with a cliffhanger. Then say 'I would love to continue this in person.' You asked your match out before actually asking them out.

4. Encourage Them to Ask You Out

Show your interest and put the ball in your online chat friend's court. This tactic usually works if it doesn't you need to tease him or her just a little bit. For example; 'You are so amazing I don't even know if you want to date with me in real life.'

In conclusion; after meeting new friends online; you can easily find a local date thanks to these tips. Just go for it and have fun!

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