5 Common Mistakes That Kills Your Chance With Your Crush

Want to impress your crush over text? Avoid these common mistakes that will invite your crush to ghost you.
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5 Common Mistakes That Kills Your Chance With Your Crush

We know the feeling. You want to impress your crush or someone you just met while chatting online. Text messages are great especially if you don't know how to act in person. Correction: when you act silly even if you know how to act and play it cool around your crush. Those feelings set a trap for you in real life. But you have another chance on text messages. You can craft your messages before sending think before saying something so that you don't look like a fool or weirdo. What you don't know is that even though you think you are doing the right things over texts you are probably still making some mistakes. Mistakes that cost you your crush's interest in you. Fortunately your best wingman Waplog prepared mistakes to avoid on online chats. Let's dive right in.

1. Don’t overcompliment: Compliment often not always. Otherwise either you will sound insecure or your crush will start to think he or she is too good to date you. We know you think your crush is flawless and you can praise them for hours. But find a balance for your own good.

2. Pay attention: Send messages that are related to what they said before. Show you’re interested in learning more about them. For example if your crush said he or she is into a local band find tickets to their concerts and invite your crush too.

3. Flirt subtly: Don’t send gooey and romantic love messages. Never make it too obvious it is not even fun. For example you can use cute nicknames that will make your crush feel special.

4. Don't be negative: It's no secret that being positive always wins the hearts. But it may be difficult sometimes. You may get annoyed after a late response or something that bothers you. Instead of complaining about you can turn into fun. For example if your crush didn't reply you back for hours you can say 'My grandpa would write faster than you wow :)'. Using cute emojis is always a good idea after sending this kind of message because they are helpful to convey your tone. Sending this message without a smiley will make you sound angry or negative.

5. Send cute photos: Not always obviously. But send a cute photo of yours to your crush is a good idea. This way you will make your crush notice you. And you will definitely get a response back.

Isn't it amazing?

With these simple tricks you can have remarkable conversations with your crush. Now it's your turn! For further tips check out our daily blogs. To benefit from these tips and see how effective they are you can sign up to Waplog to find elegant and fun chat friends whom you can easily connect.

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