5 Unmistakable Signs He's Into You (Body Language Facts)

If you believe men are confusing and you can't be sure if he likes you we can help you. Check us out and get ready to be surprised.
5 Unmistakable Signs He's Into You (Body Language Facts)

Since you're here you must be thinking: Is he into me? Does he like me or just being friendly? You are not alone. These questions are asked by many women because men usually send mixed signals. When this is the case how do you tell if a guy secretly likes you?

Glad you asked. We're going to teach you how to tell if a guy really likes you by his body language so that you wouldn't get confused anymore. Let’s get started.

1. He signals his masculinity: When a man likes a woman he is inclined to show some male power with his behaviors. For example he may put his hands on his hips with his elbows out to the sides and spread his legs a little. This is one of the huge signs a guy wants your attention.

Or he may play with his beard. He may angle his pelvis toward you. He may stand upright act confident and dominant talk loudly. These are what constitutes flirting. A normal male friend wouldn’t try to highlight his masculinity and attract your interest. Thus this is how you can tell whether he is flirting or just being friendly.

2. He leans toward you: This is a common flirtatious behavior that shows he is interested in only you even in a noisy or crowded place. To hear you well and participate in the conversation paying attention he'll lean and get closer to you.

3. He playfully touches you: When he is into you he will find excuses to touch you because it is an instinct. He may linger during a high-five put his hand on your knee touch your shoulder or arm to protect you and tucks your hair behind your ear. If these kinds of touches happen a lot he is definitely flirting you.

4. He’s smiling: When he likes you he can't stop smiling and laugh at your jokes even the bad ones. Moreover if he has a big smile his front teeth are shown that means he is REALLY happy with you so it's a great sign.

5. He faces toward you: Otherwise it probably shows he is trying to keep his options open. Think about yourself. You look at someone’s face if you like them. If you don’t like them you can’t give all your focus to them.


If he is interested he'll drop hints of closeness unknowingly. By observing his body language you'll have a better understanding of whether he likes you or not. If you feel like he doesn't have feelings for you as you do don't worry! We know that sucks but there are millions of potential soulmates for everyone. We're sure you would be much happier with someone who is compatible and likes you so much.

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