6 Reliable Body Language Signs That Mean He Likes You

Stop letting men confuse you! Men are super easy to get when you learn these sure flirting signs. Explore them right now!
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6 Reliable Body Language Signs That Mean He Likes You

We know that wonderful feeling. It is amazing when someone flirts with you. Especially you are into them too. It makes you feel confident happy and desirable. Your stomach butterflies go crazy. You may even start thinking about your new love story and even a wedding.

But there is a huge problem on your way!

It is hard to tell if a guy is flirting or just being friendly. There are verbal flirting signs as well as physical flirting such as teasing touching. Even when these are obvious you can’t still be absolutely sure if he’s flirting with you.

Want to hear a secret?

You can tell if he’s attracted to you or if he’s just being nice. How? We’ll get you the biggest signs he is definitely flirting with you. Let’s start.

Remember we said you can tell if he flirts with you for SURE? Well body language is always dependable.

All you need to know is how to read body language signs of flirting. Lucky for you we’ll help you out.

1. He is mimicking your gestures: When guys flirt with girls they copy their gestures. This is a universal flirting sign that everyone does unconsciously. To make sure change your position or gestures while talking and see if he does the same. Copying behaviors of someone you flirt is one of the little gestures of love.

2. He has dilated pupils: Pupils dilate when you look at someone you like. Nobody can deny or try to change this even if they want to. So watch out for pupils in the daylight to be sure because they dilate in the dark too. If it isn’t dark and they are dilated he is into you.

3. He has an open body language: When a guy flirts with you he will have an open body language such as uncrossing arms and legs.

4. His feet are pointed towards you: We do this unconsciously when we are flirting with someone we like. So observe this to make sure he’s into you.

5. He has exaggerated expressions: This is a number one flirtatious behavior that is commonly used unknowingly. Watch out his gestures and mimics when talking to him. If he likes you he will react excessively to the smallest things you do.

6. He improves his posture: When he’s into you he will try to highlight his masculinity. He will take deep breaths more often he will pull his stomach in his shoulders will look broader. He will look more fit to attract you.

To wrap up…

Body language never lies. Now you know the ways guys show they like you. Even if he is sending you mixed signals by looking at his body language you can understand if he is into you for sure.

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