Avoid These Places on Your First Date

If you want to stand a chance to see your date again; get these worst first date ideas ever and avoid them at all costs.
Avoid These Places on Your First Date

Avoiding the worst places is one of the smartest choice for dates. The following lists the worst places you could choose to go on a date and I recommend that you avoid them like the plague if you want the other person to still like you when it's over.

1. Somewhere You Don't Know

Knowing where you will go before the date is important. You should meet in a public place. You may want to keep it a mystery or give the control to your date; but this is never a good idea. Yes; you probably trust this person but you can never know. It's best to be cautious. Furthermore; if you know where you will meet; you'll feel less anxious and more comfortable. You can schedule your plans; how to go there and many more.

2. A Wedding

You may think that nobody would go to a wedding on the first date. But; many people invite their date to a wedding as plus one. Yes; that's right! It is a horrible date idea because it is too crowded and your family; friends and dates will have some expectations. This is a deadly combination of all the things you must avoid in a date; so avoid it at all costs.

3. Camping or Something Adventurous

Being alone in a dark and dangerous place with someone you're on a first date with is a terrible idea. First of all; first dates shouldn't be too long and if you go camping; hiking or do an activity that will take so much time; you're going to break that rule. Secondly; we know you want to try something unique and creative; but this is a no-no. If you really want something different for your date; you can try going karaoke; wine-tasting or museum tour.

In short; know where you are going to and avoid two crowded or messy places to comfort yourself and get to know your potential partner in the best way possible.

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