Awesome Tricks to Flirt With Girls Over Text (+Examples)

Wishing to text your way into a girl's heart? With the best strategies see our guide to flirt like a pro and get your crush interested in you.
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Awesome Tricks to Flirt With Girls Over Text (+Examples)

The internet is considered as a cool tool for singles meetup more than ever. You can meet people and enjoy online chats with girls easily now. Winning a girl's heart with messages depends on your flirting skills on text conversations. Talking to a girl with flirty texts is different than talking face to face. Thus impressing girls over text might be difficult.

If you know some tricks it is actually pretty simple. Lucky for you we collected the best tricks to flirt on chat and capture the attention of girls. Let's dive in.

1. Combine Confidence With Humor

When you are texting to impress her combine confidence with a good sense of humor. Girls love confident and fun men. Hence combining both is important. Without humor you may sound like an arrogant jerk.

How can you mix both?

Making fun of yourself is one of the best ways to mix them. A lot of guys don't do this and seem so unreachable. Do it in a way that will make her feel closer to you. Examples include;

*I made my math teacher cry once so don't question my math skills. Haha!

*I could the best mayor if there was a town called Forgetting The Keys.

2. Come Up With Fun and Creative Date Ideas

If your online dating conversation is going nowhere it is your job to save it. Creative date ideas would be a great survival plan. If you are looking for a serious relationship ask her out before it is too late. Defeat boredom or dead conversations with fun first date ideas.

Here’s are some examples:

*I am a little bored. How about indulging our inner child with our favorite milkshakes and going to an amusement park?

*What are your plans this weekend? How about having a picnic at the beach with me? I’ll bring awesome gourmet food.

3. Test the Water With Playful Texts

If you really want to make a girl like you via text messaging playfully teasing women you like might help. Every message you send should make her feel special and flattered not disturbed or feeling harassed. Tease a girl with flirty texts in a cute way.

How to tease a girl over text and get her flirt back with you? Some of the examples are;

*I didn't know you like Harry Potter too marry me? Haha.

*I just love how conceited you are haha! You deserve to be conceited because you're flawless.

To conclude…

If you want to find a girlfriend fast knowing some tricks to get a girl fall for you via text is crucial. Now you know them! For further tips that will step up your love life check Waplog out. You're welcome.

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