Best Opening Lines for Online Dating Chat Sites

Looking for online dating conversation starters that guarantee responses and flirty chats with singles? Waplog provides you with a complete list of questions to ask when dating online.
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Best Opening Lines for Online Dating Chat Sites

Wouldn't it be perfect if your opening lines on online dating chat sites guarantee a response and you end up meeting your soulmate? Of course it would! For an online dating conversation going nowhere the most effective way to fix this problem is to use these response-promising questions. How can you find these types of conversation helpers? They are on Waplog one of the best chat sites to meet singles and your most dependable wingman. We collected 10 fun questions to ask that will enable you to flirt with singles easily and maybe find the person of your dreams on online dating sites.

1) What sports would be hilarious if the athletes were drunk while playing?

2) What are you grateful for the most?

3) Who’s your favorite family member? Why?

4) What is your specialty in cooking?

5) What place did you hate the most when you were a kid?

6) What do you miss about your life 15 years ago?

7) Tell a ridiculous thing you did because you were furious?

8) What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

9) What is your guilty pleasure?

Now it is your turn! Go to online dating sites and see how powerful these random questions are. You're welcome.

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