Best Vacation Destinations For Couples (on a Budget)

Looking for romantic trips for couples but couldn't find a destination yet? Check out our suggested romantic vacations on a budget that you will fall in love.
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Best Vacation Destinations For Couples (on a Budget)

Travelling as a young couple is an amazing and fun experience. You can explore modern cities as well as the nature or historical places. There are literally thousands of great destination for young couples that are cheap fun and romantic. Depending on the season countries you want to visit activities you wish to do and lots more choosing the best vacation spot differs. And it might be a little stressful because you want to make it perfect but you'd like to spend your money wisely. So you find yourself wondering best vacation spots for couples on a budget. Lucky for you; we collected some of the best vacation spots for couples around the world so let's start exploring.

1. Holiday Destinations in Europe

One of the best places to as a couple. You can enjoy modern and historical combinations meet new people and find local friends enjoy amazing food and fall in love with the most romantic atmosphere. Other than Paris and Rome (duh!) here are some suggested cities to explore.

*Netherlands: One of the top couples vacations is the Netherlands. You can enjoy canal tours museums historical places the modern and civil atmosphere amazing night life and parties here. Giethoorn Amsterdam Amersfoort Utrecht Rotterdam and Zaanse Schans are some of the places to visit.

*Spain: You can enjoy wonderful architecture colorful buildings and the upbeat spirit. Barcelona Madrid and Ibiza (if you are looking for best summer vacations for couples) should definitely be visited. You can easily go to Portugal from Spain for wine tasting with the gorgeous view of a volcano.

*Turkey: If you want to explore different cultures fantastic food historical places and tremendous beaches you should visit here. İstanbul Capaddocia (one of the top romantic getaways for couples) Bodrum or anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea (that you can find all inclusive vacations) should be on your list. PS: If you want to explore the nature (similar to Switzerland) check out Black Sea area. Turkey is so close to Greece and Italy so it is so convenient and cheap to travel to any island or city you want from here.

2. Top couples Vacations in USA

Where is the best vacation spot for couples in the US? Here are some of them.

*Florida: One of the most liked holiday destinations for young couples is here. Florida will give you energetic vibes with perfect nightlife and beaches.

*Hawaii: It is considered as one of the best romantic vacations for two and no wonder why many couples prefer to go there. You can adore Waikiki Beach explore the Diamond Head volcano and enjoy the breathtaking nature.

*California: Of course! You can go wine tasting fall in love with the iconic places and enjoy amazing cuisines.

PS: If you like to explore inspiring views check Grand Canyon Yosemite and Yellow Stone.

In short; the best vacation for couples should include the perfect places to visit and romantic atmosphere. We gave some vacation ideas for couples in this post and hope to inspire you. If you are still wondering where should couples go on holiday check out our daily posts.

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