Common Online Dating Terms and Types of People You Must Be Aware

Wondering common types of people on dating chats that you must know to keep up and watch out? Learn now.
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Common Online Dating Terms and Types of People You Must Be Aware

There are some terms that people use on dating apps but you might not know what they mean. There are new words; acronyms; and terms being added on every day... Well; maybe not every day but with the internet; everything has been moving at a fast pace and it has been hard to catch up. This is a bad situation if you are using singles chat on online dating sites. When you enjoy free chat with girls or guys on a friend chat and didn't understand what your match says; you'll sound ignorant and will ruin a potential relationship before it even begins. So; if you want to chat with others online and flirt for free; it's a must to learn some online dating terms that are commonly used. Let's learn them.

1. Breadcrumbers

These people have no intention of being in a relationship; but they like to flirt for free on any social networking sites and friend chats. If you are looking for a flirt too; you can easily get along with them. But; if you feel like your match doesn't want to meet in real life and just wants to chat; he or she is breadcrumbing.

2. Haunters

This is a term to describe that people who appear again after ghosting you. They may follow or like you on social media and test the water to see if you're still into them. If you are; they will send a message to you. If not; they won't text and probably stop following your social media account.

3. Layby

This term is used when someone you meet online isn't single but is looking for a flirt or short term relationship. Their intention is to keep you on hook in case they break up with their gf or bf. When they are single again; they'll have a lot of options for a new relationship or flirt.

4. Benching Type

This is a term to define two people who meet online; started to talk and flirt but not yet in a relationship. Mostly the reason for this is one party is unsure if he or she wants to be in a commited relationship. Be aware when your date doesn't want to meet in person but keeps messaging you; this is a very classic move of these type of people.

In conclusion; know these terms and types of people so that you can protect yourself from getting hurt emotionally. If you want to flirt for free; meet local friends and chat with random people online in a safe and secure atmosphere; you can join Waplog down below and enjoy a dating experience you can never have on any other sites.

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