Dating App Red Flags According to Experts

Curious about how to protect yourself online dating? Check out our blog to learn about dating app red flags to avoid.
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Dating App Red Flags According to Experts

Even though online dating sites are considered as the best way to meet new people you still need to be careful about your personal safety. The problem is that you probably won’t notice warning signs because you focus too much on finding the one. Most of the online daters are like this when they’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. And what’s so funny is that sometimes the red flags are right in front of your eyes and you are too blind to notice them.

To be fair although some red flags are really obvious such as racism or sexism some of them are hard to catch. When you read our blog you may not even believe that they are red flags. Nonetheless you should always know them and save yourself from any kind of troubles. Let’s see.

1. The ones who just moved in: ‘I am new here I just moved in!’. These kinds of people generally aim to meet new friends or flirts but that’s it. If you are looking for a serious relationship you should not waste your time because this is clearly a dating red flag. Nevertheless if you want a new friend nothing romantic text away!

2. The ones who have ‘no-no’s in their profiles: If there are a lot of writings about what they don’t want in a person or about anything they might be a trouble for you. First of all nobody in their right minds put negative comments on their dating profile where they have a limited opportunity to express themselves. An example of this type is this:

*I don’t want to be with someone who likes xyz. Don’t message me unless you are abc.

3. The ones with half-naked photos: This is a no-brainer. Stay away from people who put a lot of shirtless photos gym photos that are half-naked. This could only be okay if someone is a swimmer. Even then you should still be cautious because it could be a mask.

In conclusion there are some red flags you need to pay attention to. Now you know some of them. For our complete guide on online dating site red flags check us out. If you want to experience a better and safe online dating join Waplog down below. Our priority is to provide our users a safe and secure dating platform in which they meet new people and chat online.

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