Dating App Red Flags In A Man's Messages

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Dating App Red Flags In A Man's Messages

You can easily analyze a man by reading his messages. In between the lines of an online message; some secrets and hints of his personality are revealing. You can understand whether he is a player; pushy; rude; a show-off; arrogant or dangerous. Maybe he is hiding something such as a girlfriend; or some other problems. Maybe his only intention is to have a meaningless physical relationship. Maybe he is acting so nice but he is just a horrible person who does it to every single girl. Whatever it is; you should understand warning signs early and keep yourself away from him. We are going to give examples of the dating site red flags that you shouldn't waste your time messaging them. Let's start.

1. ‘Let’s go to X together’: Normally; you wouldn’t make future plans too soon with someone you just meet online. This is a pushy behavior that shows your date is rushing things. For example; ‘Omg; I just love traveling too. We should go to Amsterdam together haha.’.

2. ‘Just kidding; lol. Or am I?’: When your match makes a plan together or says something too serious that should only be said in the future; he or she will complete the text with this line. For example; ‘I love spaghetti too; we should get married. JK; or am I?’. You might think that there is no harm saying this; it is a joke and you are probably right. But; you should observe if they say this a lot because they may be obsessed.

3. ‘Don't Contact Me Unless You're Comfortable Sexually’: When people write this on their dating profile; that means they are on the dating app for only a physical relationship. Moreover; this is a dangerous controlling behavior that will turn out to be harmful.

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