Examples of Funny Texts to Send a Girl to Keep Her Interested

Looking for some tips on how to text a girl and ways to make her want you? Check out our guide and examples to do these easily.
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Examples of Funny Texts to Send a Girl to Keep Her Interested

We know the feeling. You get nervous sending texts and don't know what to say to keep her interested. It feels like she is pulling herself away day by day but you want her to get excited to talk to you and meet in real life. We are here to help you out about how to text a girl who is losing interest. There are some powerful words that will rekindle the spark between you too and get a girl like you again. With our guide you'll understand how to text a girl get examples of funny texts to send a girl and start conversations that will make you get any girl you want. Without further ado let's start revealing the best text messages to make her want you.

1. Keep It Playful:

If you don't want to get friend-zoned you need to avoid boring conversations. Be witty and tease her when she asks what you are doing (or boring questions like this). This way yo will avoid awkward silences and she will again start to realize you're a fun person to hang out with.

Want to hear something even better?

You can say anything you want jokingly and subtly signal your intention and leave her thinking that if you are telling the truth or just kidding. Trust us on this girls like these kinds of mysterious behaviors on men. Let's assume she wrote 'What are you doing?'. Here are the things to text a girl.

* What am I doing? I am cooking awesome meals for our surpise date tonight. Whoops I ruined the surprise!

*I am passing your neighborhood I may bump into your mother and meet her. I am sure she will like these flowers.

2. Speak Her Language:

What to text a girl when you don’t know what to say? Reference to her favorite TV shows movies books or something else. Know your audience. Act based on your target. Text something about what she likes or is interested in. Understand her tone - whether she likes to be witty and sarcastic or serious. Message her based on these. Let's check some examples.

*Hey gorgeous are we on a break like Ross and Rachel? Although I don't think they were but whatever. :)

*Today I feel like I am in a Black Mirror episode. The bar is too dark. But thank god we'll meet so you'll brighten the entire place.

3. Flirt Over Text:

Don't be afraid of using cheesy pickup lines when flirting. How to flirt with a girl over text? Here are some flirty texts for her.

You are my fav notification to see on my phone.

*You are the reason why I have insomnia now I can't stop thinking about you.

Wrapping it up; you have some idea about what to text a girl you like and learned how to text a girl you like examples. Now you can boost your chances with her. In fact if you want to see how effective they are you can sign up to Waplog to chat with girls flirt for free and get a girlfriend. Don't believe us just try and see! Tell us what you will text her and how it goes.

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