Expert Tips for Taking The Best Photos (2019 Update)

Want to learn advanced tips on how to make the perfect online dating profile picture? Knowing this can be the most important thing for your profile to get a date online.
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Expert Tips for Taking The Best Photos (2019 Update)

I think all of you will relate if I say that choosing profile pictures on social networks can be tricky especially on dating applications where you have the chance to find your soulmate.

Or is it?

To find singles in your area the best option is dating sites of course. However you should be very careful about creating your online dating profile because you might lose your only chance of finding true love.

I have good news!

We collected the ultimate online dating profile tips to make it easier for you. From the basics to the advanced tricks these suggestions will boost your chances of meeting your soulmate.

1) Use a Photo of You Doing Something Active

What's the catch here? With some great photos you can show your hobbies feelings and what type of person you are in the most effective way. Visualize what makes you happy in your photos so that you can meet people easily. What's more? It is also a great way to show your genuine smile!

2) Avoid Group Photos

Never use group shots as your online dating profile picture. This way your potential matches will know who you are in a much better way and you will not seem to have low self-esteem.

3) Upload As Many Photos As You Can

It is a scientifically proven way to attract more single men and women on online dating sites. Upload more than 1photo and let people know you better.

4) Highlight Only One Characteristic in The Photos

If you are allowed to upload 7 photos at most upload 7. However you should emphasize only one thing in each photo. For example you can show your outdoorsy personality in a photo while you show your physical appearance in another one.

5) Make Eye Contact

Don't look away from the camera. People are more likely to like selfies in which people make eye contact because it implies that you are honest with your feelings and thoughts.

Simple right?

Now it is time to practice! Take the perfect photo and increase your chance of meeting your matches in real life. Explore the rest of the suggestions on Waplog.

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