First Date Tips for Girls: Little Known Tricks to Get a Second Date

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First Date Tips for Girls: Little Known Tricks to Get a Second Date

You must be excited to go on a first date with this cutie. He may be your crush for a long time or someone you just met maybe thanks to online dating. Whatever the situation is you want to have a good first impression on him on your first date attract him and make him like you so that you can have a second date. After all being his girlfriend depends on how well your first date goes.

I can hear you saying:

Guaranteeing a second date can be difficult.

Lucky for you not anymore. Thanks to us. Your best wingmate Waplog is here to help you impress a guy make him love you and be his girlfriend. If you're ready let's dive in.

1. Don’t Be Self-Centered:

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and it’s fine. Just don’t exaggerate it. Don’t brag about yourself. Never be an egoist who only talks about herself. Show your interest in him. Ask fun questions to get to know him better listen to his answers and be respectful to his interests and what he says.

2. Choose Your Words Carefully:

Words are powerful. In social life there are certain rules about them. You should think first and then decide to say it. Don’t ruin your chances with a poor word choice that would be a bummer! Some topics to avoid include politics religion ethnicity and ex-relationships.

3. Screw The 3-Day Rule:

This rule basically suggests that you should wait for three days to text or call after the first date. But it is a silly outdated so-called rule that nobody cares about. There is a new rule: If you like him call him. You don’t have to wait to do that why would you? Trust us on that.

4. Listen Listen Listen!:

This may be the best date tips for women. Men like to be heard and understood. Pay attention to what he says take mental notes about them. Later when you remember them you’ll be the queen trust us. Men love girls who listen and care. For example you can find a concert ticket for his favorite band or get a small gift based on his favorite childhood cartoon.

Isn't it simple?

With these easy tricks that are proven to be effective you can easily attract a guy you like and make him chase you. After all of these you'll get a second date and more for sure. For more tricks and advanced first date guides check us out. If you want to find a guy you'll like to go on a first date register Waplog down below and see thousands of compatible matches near you.

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