First Date Tips for Women: Make Him Crave For You

Do you want to impress a guy on your first date and guarantee a second one? You're in the right place. Learn the best tricks that will make him chase you.
First Date Tips for Women: Make Him Crave For You

If you are going on a first date you must know some tricks beforehand so that you can increase your chances of get a second date. The key to that is have a great first impression and an unforgettable date night that will make you stand out from other girls. Once you know how to impress a guy on a first date you are more likely to guarantee a second date and even make him adore you. This is your lucky day because we are here to help. As your best wingman Waplog collected the essential tricks that will make him crave for you after your first date. Let's dive in.

1. Speak Up:

You are trying to get to know this person ask questions. Don’t get quiet because you wouldn’t want to experience that awkward silence. Talking about anything even chit chats are better than not talking at all. Ask questions about him make funny jokes and talk about yourself as well.

2. Offer to Pay:

Man usually pays the dinner or the coffee but offering to pay will make you attractive in his eyes. Why? He will feel like a hero when he pays so you’ll make him feel better and he will think that you are a cool person who doesn’t care about stigmas. One rock two birds!

3. Don’t Play Strategic Games:

If you want a guy to get attracted and like you silly strategies are your enemy. Don’t wait so long on purpose to text him back so he thinks you’re busy and valuable. Don’t try to make him jealous by mentioning your ex or anything. These are childish moves that will hurt your image for him. Is it really worth for that?

Pro Tip:

There are some words that will subconsciously attract him. Using them will improve his interest in you. Like trojan horse strategy use words that will remind him of something attractive but don’t make it obvious.

*Those words based on researches include ‘tie classy cute red lipstick temptation guilty pleasure irresistible’.

See how easy it is to make him chase you? Now it is a good time to listen our date advice get comfortable and confident on your first date and impress him. If you want to know more about how to impress a guy check out our blogs.

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