Fun Questions to Ask to Guarantee Responses

Looking for amazing opening lines to use on dating apps that promise responses and fun chats? Here are some excellent questions to ask according to dating specialists.
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Fun Questions to Ask to Guarantee Responses

Let me guess. You think it is hard to send the best first message to your matches. But it is not as hard as you think. All you need is to ask some random questions that will make them wonder about you and start instant messaging. Thanks to these conversation starters you are very likely to guarantee responses from your matches.

Where can you find these online dating conversation starters? The answer is Waplog one of the best chat sites to flirt with singles and find real love. We collected 10 funny questions for you to ask and let you meet singles easily on dating websites.

1)Name a movie you have watched many times but haven't got bored of yet.

2) Which celebrity would make the worst astronaut?

3) What would you not do on a deserted island?

4) What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?

5) If you had extra 4 hours every day how would you spend that extra 4 hours?

6) Who would be the worst celebrity to be stuck in an elevator with?

7) If you were a singer what music genre do you think you would be singing?

8) Which movie would be much better if the plot happened in reverse?

9) Describe your exact opposite.

Now it's your turn!

Finding your soulmate and true love has never been this simple. Just pick a few questions and go for it. We would like to know which questions you choose to ask to your matches?

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