Got Ghosted? 3 Tips to Guarentee Responses

Need to understand why the response rate from single women you meet online is pretty low and learn how to fix it? Explore our guide to have a reply back for sure.
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Got Ghosted? 3 Tips to Guarentee Responses

Does this sound familiar? You message girls on the dating apps but most of them don't even respond. Yes dating sites are the best place to enjoy instant flirt chats and find thousands of singles to date. However succeeding at it isn’t that easy. You must be aware of some dating tips to find the one and fall in love easily. Don’t worry we will help you understand the reasons and give you the best solutions.

1) Make Her Curious About You

This is a Barney Stinson tactic. Create a mystery about yourself and make her curious. Don't do it in a creepy or deceiving way. Just try to be intriguing and exciting. If you are too predictable that could be the reason why your matches don't respond.

For instance: 'I just noticed that we have a few things in common. We both enjoy traveling and trying different activities. I am pretty sure you'll want to hear my crazy story when I swam with sharks in the Bahamas.'

2) Use Love Prospecting Formula in Your Opening Lines

This unique tactic works incredibly well on online dating sites. Use a hook in your opening line. The hook has a secret formula that not many people know. In your message explain why you're a great match why you could be super compatible and you could be a perfect boyfriend to make her dreams come true. Of course to understand her dreams you must spend some time in her dating profile for some insights.

3) Check Your Compatibility

Maybe she doesn't respond you in singles chat rooms because she thinks you aren't a good match for her. Your location lifestyle or something else may be different from what she expects. This one is tough because if you really want to increase your chances you have to change her mind and convince her. That’s why you should send messages about why you could be the best match despite the differences. Using love prospecting tactic will work amazingly in this situation.


With these valuable suggestions you will guarantee a message back or even meet someone special for a long term commitment. Now is the best time to start chatting!

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