Helpful Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide

Wondering why your long distance relationship doesn't work? See our advice to save your love life and reduce LDR stress.
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Helpful Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide

Long distance relationships (LDR) are hard to maintain. Although some people make it look easy distance really takes a toll on your relationship. You probably hate every second you spend seperate from each other while the only thing you want is just to be together. We are here to help you make long distance relationship work and reduce your stress level. Unfortunately there is no certain way that will enable you to get over all the stress fully because physical distance isn't something to surpass by tips. But with the right approch you can feel more relaxed and happier in LDR. Let's see how to keep long distance relationships work and minimize concerns surrounding LDR.

1. Don't Communicate Excessively:

This is a common mistake that many LDR couples do. If you want to stay connected when youre apart communication is a must but when you try to keep in touch 7/24 things get boring. Nobody can live and share something super interesting every minute. To stay in contact in a long distance relationship give each other some time apart and let your partner find something worth sharing.

2. Avoid Superficial Conversations:

This is the serial killer of any type of relationship. Especially for long distance couples not going into deep conversations is a death trap. Lack of emotional attachment or intimacy is the most common reason why LDR don't work. Avoid talking only daily stuff. Talk about your feelings and opinions. Never send a text that is a lack of intimacy. This is the most important LDR advice. If you establish an honest communication with deep conversations long distance relationships can work because you will stay connected emotionally in a LDR.

3. Talk About Hugs:

Physical touch is not possible when you're miles away. But even talking about touches and intimacy will prevent your long distance relationship fall apart.

To wrap up; trying to fill the emotional and physical void with your long distance partner may seem hard but it is plausible. These basic tips will make your LDR interesting and less stressful. For further tips check us out.

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