How to Attract a Guy: Little-Known Tricks That Work Quickly

Want to attract a guy you like? Learn our exclusive secrets that will make him crave for you.
How to Attract a Guy: Little-Known Tricks That Work Quickly

Do want to attract a guy you like? You might think you will end up together eventually if he is right for you. Yes you are right. But why would you wait for your destiny to work for you? You can learn how to attract a guy and save your time instead of taking your chance. To attract a guy you need to know your crush well. Then you can make your moves or make him realize the things that will impress him. He will get impressed with these moves even if he is not into you. You can easily make him realize you among the crowd or across the room. And the rest is up to you. The first thing you need to do is to keep reading the post and learn the things that have not realized before.

1. Show Your Talents

Having talents is impressive for every person not only for the guys. If you have any talents or anything that you are good at you should make him realize it and appreciate it. If you are a good cook prepare a meal that he will never be able to forget the taste. If you dance well you should take him out for dancing and show him your skills.

2. Be A Social Person

A social person is perceived as a desirable person in the human mind. If your crush sees you surrounded by your friends he will see that you are a great person. And he will have a desire to be among your friends and have fun with you. If you want to attract him don't be shy and keep having fun with your friends without getting nervous because of his presence.

3. Smile

A warm smile can melt your crush's heart even at first sight. It is a great way to attract men. That's why you shouldn't forget to smile at him. If you smile at him he will see that you are a friendly and approachable person. By doing so he will feel good talking to you. Smiling at him will also make you seem inviting to him and he will not resist his desire to talk to you anymore.

4. Be Sensitive

Being sensitive and caring about the world is a deed that everyone must have. Your sensitivity will make him understand that you are a good person who cares about the people around her. So you should not be afraid of showing your crush your sensitive side because it will not turn him down as you think. On the contrary your sensitive side will make him like you more. Men find caring girls very attractive as it makes it easier to fall in love with them.

5. Make Eye Contact

Body language is super effective when you want to attract a man. Eye contacts make people more confrontational and show self-confidence. And self-confidence is what makes a person seem attractive. If you make eye contact to your crush it will also make him realize that you are into him. So it will increase the possibility that he will talk to you because he won't hesitate to know that you are also into him. To make him come and talk to you look him in the eyes.

6. Smell Good

People are impressed by the smell a lot. If you smell good your crush will realize it no matter how poker face he looks. Also he will remember you by your smell. Even when you are not with him he can smell something similar to your scent and think about you. And you can get a text saying that he wants a date with you from him.

In conclusion now you know simple yet profound tips to make him like you. When you are on your first date check our detailed guide on date tips for women.

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