How to Change a Player Into a Boyfriend

Are you searching for 'in love with a player' advice? You're in the right place to learn how to turn him into your boyfriend.
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How to Change a Player Into a Boyfriend

A player boy charms girls by acting like a perfect prince who cares and loves. But; he is only pretending to look tempting and get what he wants. It’s super easy to fall in love with a player. When you have feelings for a guy who is emotionally unavailable; you probably wonder how to make a player want you more and how to capture his heart and make him love you forever. But; making a player like you is more difficult than usual so you need help. First of all; it is NOT impossible to get a guy like that fall for you. The key is to show your difference from other girls and win his heart. As your best wingman; we will give you the secrets on how to turn a player into your lover. Let’s get started.

1. Be His Psychotherapist

Players are perfect at hiding their true feelings and emotions. Most of the time; the reason for this is because they don't want to get hurt. They hardly ever open up about their feelings and even personal lives. Furthermore; they can easily manipulate your emotions. But; that doesn't mean they are evil. You need to try to understand and analyze the player's personality so you can act based on it.

Once you understand him and his hidden feelings; you'll easily make him open up and feel closer to you. You should listen to his problems; insecurities; weaknesses; and everything. In the long run; you'll become someone who understands him the most and he can trust the most. While others try to avoid him or make him hurt; you'll be the safe haven he can always feel safe and happy and let his guard down. So; understanding his true characteristics underneath his cruel look and behaviors is the key to make him like you.

*Ask questions that seem superficial but will make you learn more about his personality.

*Bring up your mild vulnerabilities about your personal life so that he will feel more comfortable sharing his vulnerabilities and problems. Sharing problems will make you bond more.

* Remember what he said so that you can show you care about him; unlike others.

2. Be Independent and Social

Being needy is the opposite of being attractive according to men. This is more of a case for players. Since players are fond of being independent; they would never fall for a woman who is needy and insecure. So; you need to;

* Prove that you have your own life; and you are happy (without him too).

* Be social; hang out with friends and family so that he can see that you are sociable and you are not needy because you have a life.

* Tell him about your dreams; passions; and wishes. He will appreciate a woman with goals who tries to make her dreams come true. Show that you are not 'empty'.

*Give him enough freedom because players freak out when they feel trapped. Having a life without him and being social with others will signal that you give him his own space.

*Attend some activities and events; again to show that you are active and social.

*Send some photos of you having fun outside with your friends to grab his attention. Maybe he will want to join you or meet up later on.

In conclusion; players may act like they don't care about anyone and anything but a player can love one woman and enjoy being in a committed relationship. With these tactics; you will stand out among other girls and grab his attention. He will see how different you are and won't like the feeling of being with other girls because he will notice how amazing he feels with you. For further tips and secrets; check us out.

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