How to Get Over a Break Up (4 Tips from Psychologists)

Feeling bad because your relationship is ended? Check out our step by step guide by clinical psychologists to survive it in a healthy way.
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How to Get Over a Break Up (4 Tips from Psychologists)

Getting over breakup is hard. You can't stop thinking about the person who broke your heart. You want to heal yourself but it seems impossible. The end of every relationship is sad no matter what. There are some couple who decide to split after 7 years of being together and some couple who just hurt each other in months. The healing process of a breakup and healing a broken heart depend on the person and the reason of the split. If you get cheated on obviously it will take more time to feel better. But there are some psychologically proven tips about this and a healthy healing proces. We will give you step-by-step guide on how to get over a breakup and ways to move on. Let's start.

1. Embrace Your Feelings

Don't hide or escape your emotions. You're upset and angry. If you avoid the issue you won't be able to survive a breakup anytime soon. Until you start to feel okay with it live your emotions. Especially when anger and sadness are combinated together you may feel like you're drowning so you need to take some time to handle them. At this stage you may blame him or her to get away but you have to move on eventually. So focus on your emotions what hurts you and yourself to start your healing process of the breakup.

2. Don't Blame Yourself

Most of the time break ups trigger negative thoughts about yourself. You associate the break up with your insecurities and vulnerabilities. You may say 'He dumped me because I am ugly. If I were more beautiful and skinnier he wouldn't want to break up'. You end up blaming yourself and it is a deep dark road that damages your self esteem and faith in love. The way out of this stage is to understand what you really need want and deserve because it creates a contradiction. For example 'I need to and want to feel loved and respected and I deserve it. But he treated me like a garbage'. This is when you realize you need to prioritize yourself your self care and respect. Then you will realize it isn't worth feeling so sad and bad for someone who doesn't give you what you deserve. This is the first official step of moving on a break up. So kudos!

3. Grieve Your Loss

When you started your relationship you didn't hope for it to end so it is a loss. You have to say goodbye to happy memories with your partner. If you had a predatory breakup it is easier but otherwise letting go of someone whom you spent nice time is hard. So you need to grieve and take time to forget for a healthy process. If you don't say goodbye you will never be able to move on.

4. Go Easy On Yourself

Don't let others and social media to make you upset. Don't look at your cute couple photos all the time. This is a time for yourself so don't let yourself to make you unhappy. Go out do something that makes you happy go to a city that you always wanted turn this negative thing into something productive such as writing or drawing. Treat yourself!

In short; if you are wondering how to move on after a break up these are the healthy steps. Don't skip any step just follow this order. Time is a great helper but the most effective way to move on is you. All depends on you and you are strong enough to survive it. You deserve someone who values you and give you what you truly deserve.

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