How to Get a Bad Boy Like You (Expert Tips)

Want to start a relationship with a bad boy? Check out the exclusive tips from girls who succeeded to tie the knots with players and bad boys.
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How to Get a Bad Boy Like You (Expert Tips)

Let's end an argument by proving a bad boy can love one woman. Being a player is a choice not a personality trait that you can't change. With a little effort everyone can tame a bad a boy and make him a committed boyfriend. This may seem almost impossible if you don't know how to deal with a player. Don't worry we are here to help you out and make him love you forever. Let's explore the helpful tips from real woman who shared their experiences of turning a player into a lover.

1. Don't Negotiate Who You Are

A lot of girls make this mistake trying to tame a bad boy. Being someone else to be with him is something avoid to stand out from your competition. Be yourself not whom he wants you to be. Challenge him if needed. He is used to get whatever he wants already so do something different and be yourself unlike other girls.

2. Bond Emotionally and Be His Safe Heaven

This doesn't mean become his best friend avoid the friendzone as much as possible. You need to show him that you are more than just a pretty girl and that you actually care about him. While most girls try to improve their looks you should improve your emotional bond with him. Talk about your failures weaknesses and vulnerabilities to encourage him to do the same. People feel closer as they share secrets and once you establish an emotional connection you can make him love you for real.

3. Confuse Him

What do we mean by that? Give him something he doesn't want but he would like once he gets it. For example invite him to a family party. He won't want to attend because family makes the relationship look serious. But convince him that it is something casual and make him have fun in the party. He will understand being with a family or doing something that seems serious isn't so scary. So you cure his irrational fears about romantic relationships and he will start to think about committing to you.

In conclusion; he will think about getting serious after these. You will make him treat you like a queen because you become his happy place and safe haven. This is the type of woman does a player fall in love with so you have to focus on establishing trust making him realize there is nothing to be scared of and showing that you can make him happy. What happens when a player fall in love with you? He becomes a commited boyfriend who values only you. Now that you make him love you it is your job to maintain this state of trust and love.

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