How to Know If a Girl Likes You More Than a Friend

Are you searching for the signs your female friend likes you romantically? Here you can find all the signs she is into you.
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How to Know If a Girl Likes You More Than a Friend

Since you are here we'll take a wild guess: You think your female friend may be smitten with you but you can't be sure. There are many hints that signal whether a girl likes you more than a friend. Once you know what to pay attention you can easily understand she is into you. So you will not ruin your friendship by reading the signals wrong.

Sounds awesome right?

They always say happy couples are best friends with each other so if your friend is interested in you and you feel the same way you will be one of the lucky few who have the most satisfying and happy relationship. You must make sure your friend likes you romantically before making any moves. So without further ado we'll give you the obvious signs a woman likes you.

1. Her Body Language Signals Flirting

If your friend likes you she will touch you more than a friend should. She wants to be close to you and feel you that's why she touches you that much.

What are the other body language signs for flirting?

She will try to sit next to you make your legs or elbows touch. Her torso and feet will be pointed at you. She will smile tilt her head to the right play with her hair and caress something with her hands. She may tase you playfully by hitting your arm or brushing your shoulders. These are all signs she likes you and flirts with you. To read female body language like a pro check our expert guide.

2. She is Always Excited Around You

One of the strongest signs to know a girl likes you is to observe excitement. When a girl likes a boy her mood improves everytime she is with him.

She will get excited about even the littlest things like finding an empty seat while you are looking for a place to sit. Nothing will be more important to her than being with you at that moment.

A very interesting sign she likes you more than a friend is…

If you realize that she ignores her priorities or totally forgets about her problems when you are around that's because she is so excited to think about anything else but you.

3. She Wants To Get Your Attention

If a girl likes you she will care about you and the things you care. She will want you to pay attention to her as much as possible so she might talk too much. She may ask your opinions about her clothes to make you realize her body. She might ask a favor and compliment you when you help her.

Basically she just wants you to focus on the speaker rather than the speech. If you still think ‘how do i know my friend likes me’ this is your go-to hint.

In short...

These signs will help you a lot to understand if your female friend likes you for sure. Now it is your turn! Leave us a comment about your favorite tips.

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