How to Talk a Girl Online (With Examples to Copy)

Want to come up with the best online dating opening lines that will get you a response back? Browse our tips and examples now.
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How to Talk a Girl Online (With Examples to Copy)

Many people are online dating sites nowadays. You can join free chat rooms for singles in which you can flirt for free find new friends and meet someone who suits your taste. Whether you want a long term serious relationship or just a simple flirt it is really convenient to find anything you want. But there is one problem. When you meet new people online it is hard to start a conversation and keep it going. Especially talking to women is hard because they get a lot of messages from others so you need to stand out from your competition. We are here to give you some effective tips and examples to boost your chances so let's start.

1. Keep It Cool

No women would like it when men act arrogantly or as if they’re trying way too hard to impress. Hence when you talk to women don't sound too eager but know your balance because you also don't want to seem uninterested. So if you want to chat with females online and get a girlfriend keep it cool. Here are some cool opening lines for online dating;

*Hey we have a lot in common based on your profile we both want me to be your boyfriend.

*You look so beautiful on your picture in Rome. I am a travel enthusiast too where is your favorite cafe in there?

*You love tiramisu? I am a cook who is specialized in desserts. What a great coincidence!

2. Be Witty and a Little Cheesy

Funny and cheesy pick up lines generally yield the best response rate for men. Majority of single women loves to talk to guys online if they are fun and a little quirky. Showing your quirky sides via sending cheesy opening lines smoothes the air and breaks the ice by giving comfort to the both people. Who doesn't want to talk to a fun person in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere right? Of course! Here are some examples of cheesy opening lines:

*Are you sure your name isn't summer? Cause you are hot!

*I am not an accountant but I’m pretty good with numbers. Give me yours and see what I can do with it.

*What museum do you live in? Cause I want to steal the heart of the best work of art from there.

3. Make References to Her Interests

You can understand what she's into by analyzing her profile. You will find the best things to talk about with a girl. Some examples are;

*Hey I am a total Marshall do you want to be my Lily?

*Would Titanic be better if the plot happened in a reverse order?

In short; these are some of the opening lines you can use while chatting girls online. For further tips and examples; check out our daily blog.

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