How to Tell if a Girl Likes You (Science-Backed Body Language)

Stop wasting your time reading about possible signs of flirting on the other sites! Explore scientifically proven body language signs that are based on instincts and will never lead to misinterpretations.
How to Tell if a Girl Likes You (Science-Backed Body Language)

We won't tell that finding out if a girl likes you is hard. We are not here to give signs that can show a woman MAY BE into you.

Anyone who doesn’t have a clue about women psychology or body language says them. Not us.

Why are we so assertive?

With over 8 years of experience in dating we became experts on reading female body language. When you notice instinctive physical signs a woman is interested in you you can make SURE that she likes you.

Without further ado let’s discuss 10 physical signs a girl has a crush on you.

1. Dilated pupils: This is a biological signal she can't change or modify. It is a huge giveaway she is interested in you.

2. Improved posture: She stands taller tilts her head to the right and pulls her shoulders back trying to flirt you.

3. Showing off feminine sides: If she wiggles while walking sucks her stomach in licks her lip or touches her neck she is into you.

4. Pointing her body and feet towards you: Feet torso or body in general pointing at someone means they are interested in that person. Body orientation is an unmistakable sign she likes you.

5. Touching you: It is proven that people touch someone they like. Jack Schafer a behavior analyst at FBI explains that women tend to touch a man’s arm or shoulder when they are attracted to him.

6. Copying gestures: Mirroring behaviors is a non-verbal way to show a connection. When a girl likes a boy and mirrors his behaviors she instinctively signals that she feels close to him and wants to bond.

7. Open body language: Social anthropologist Jean Smith says spreading arms being loose and comfortable around someone is a great sign of attraction. If a girl feels comfortable with you and doesn’t cross her arms she likes you.

8. Close proximity: Touching you accidentally standing close by or finding reasons to touch you could be a sign that she is interested in you and flirting with you.

9. Acting shy: If she likes you she will get shy and nervous around you. You can understand it with simple signs. For example she may touch her face a lot play with her hair and compress her lips as a sign of shyness.

10. Seeking out your presence: A girl who likes you will try to be close to you physically or emotionally. As soon as she enters a room her eyes search for you. Her mood improves once you enter her circle or somehow become a part of the conversation. All these are signs that she is into you.

To wrap up

These signs are purely instinctive reactions that no human can control. So there is no way these signs could lead to misinterpretations. For further science-backed signs tips and guides check us out.

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