Little-Known Date Tips for Women (Attract Him Easily)

You want a boyfriend whom you'll adore and will adore you back. On your first date with a guy do these to make him crave for you and want a serious commitment.
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Little-Known Date Tips for Women (Attract Him Easily)

As a woman who wants a long term relationship once you find a nice guy and feel a connection you'll need to impress your date and attract him. And let's be honest it requires so much work. Maybe one of the most important date advice is that reading his body language and using your body language to make him like you.

Why is it important?

You can't change or manipulate your body language even if you want it depends on your subconsciousness. So body language never lies. You can always count on it to make sure he likes you and wants to flirt. Furthermore you can signal your intention of flirting and attract him on a subconscious level via your body language. That's so cool but how can you impress a boy without talking to him? Don't worry! We've got you covered with everything you need to know. Let's start.

1. Read His Body Language:

Body language reveals the best and honest results. You can easily detect whether he likes you and act based on his signals to impress him by reading his body language. For that we’ll guide you:

*Open arms and legs: Men tend to spread their legs to signal masculinity to impress women. If someone crosses their arms while listening to you that means they are not interested.

*Mimicking your gestures: Men are inclined to copy gestures of someone they’re into.

*Feet towards you: While talking if he points his feet to your direction that means he is interested in only you.

*Improved posture: If he takes deep breaths more often pulls his stomach in plays with his beard he is trying to impress you.

*Dilated pupils and intense eye contact: When you like someone your pupils dilate regardless of the light. If you carefully look at his eyes and see this he is into you. Intense eye contacts during your conversation is also a body language sign he likes you.

For a complete guide on reliable body language signs he likes you check our blog.

2. Attract Him With Your Body Language:

Once you get the signals by observing his body language you can shape your behaviors based on them. For example if you understand that he wants to flirt with you you can flirt back. If he is a bit shy you can lead the way. With the right signals you can easily impress him subconsciously. Let's see what you can do.

* Make eye contacts while talking.

*Show your femininity by giggling making your lips wet and acting shy and cute.

*Play with your hair often not always.

* Improve your posture pull your stomach in show off your good feminine sides.

*Playfully touch him like gently punching his arm pulling hair from his shoulders touching his hand with an excuse.

*Have close proximity with him. While talking be close to him and lean towards him.

*Ask his opinions about clothes this way he will notice your good sides.

*Caress your hands or neck and pout your lips.

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To wrap up body language is essential to impress a guy you like and understand he likes you back. Thanks to us now you can attract guys easily and stand out among other girls who don't have a clue about body language. You can check out our subscious signs and first date guides in more detail on our daily blogs.

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