Online Dating Red Flags Of Players and Cheaters

Learn how cheaters and players are acting on dating apps and how to avoid getting hurt.
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Online Dating Red Flags Of Players and Cheaters

In between the lines of an online message some secrets and hints of his personality are revealing. You can understand whether he is a player or a cheating man. Whatever it is you should understand warning signs early and keep yourself away from him. We are going to give examples of the dating site red flags that you shouldn't waste your time messaging them because they are either player of cheating someone else. Let's start.

1. 'I would love to continue chatting with you': This is the type of men who only want a pen pal not a real-life date. This means he will waste your time if you want a real boyfriend. Although it isn't a super dangerous dating red flag you might want to consider whether he is worth your time and you want to chat only.

2. 'I can't send a photo right now/ I can't meet with you right now': The phrase 'right now' is a magical word we use when we don't want to close the door that we don't want to go in either. Basically when we want to keep someone on the hook. So if he doesn't send a photo or want to meet right now and that right now goes to infinity stop communicating.

3. 'Let's meet somewhere private': On a first date? With someone you just met online? Wow he must be crazy. Or in a relationship. Let's face it meeting someone for the first time after you meet online can be risky. You reduce that risk by meeting in a public place. If he offers to meet in a private place such as his home never do it. He is either hiding a relationship or a crazy person whose intention is to use you.

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