Online Dating Red Flags You Need to Be Aware Of

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Online Dating Red Flags You Need to Be Aware Of

Most of the online daters have a HUGE problem. What is it? They don't notice dating red flags because they focus on finding the one. When you meet someone who could be your potential lover you may easily overlook the dangerous warning signs. This risks your personal safety your emotional health and more. As your best wingman we will save you from trouble. Let's talk about dating app red flags you need to pay attention to and how to protect yourself from it.

1. The Party Animals: If your match has a lot of photos partying he or she is probably not looking for a serious relationship. If you just want to hang out and flirt this type is the best for you. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

2. Gym Selfies: You probably have seen them at least hundreds of time. People especially men put a lot of gym or bathroom selfies on their dating profiles. But what is wrong with gym selfies? It shows the person is self-obsessed and possibly a narcissistic. So it may not be a good idea to keep talking to them.

3. Group Shots: If the person has only group photos with friends or family he or she can be unconfident or hiding something. But think about it. On dating sites you have only 7 or 10 photos limit to show yourself why would someone use this limited chance to be confused by someone or not being recognized among others? To be fair this is a mild one. So just because someone has one group photo in the dating profile it doesn't mean you should avoid them at all costs.

To wrap up there are some warning signs you need to watch out on dating networks. But these are not enough. There are many more online dating red flags. To learn more about them check out our daily blogs.

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