Quick Ways to Optimize Your Dating Profile (Bio Examples)

Want to know exclusive tips on how to write an online dating profile based on behavioral science so that you can guarantee a response?
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Quick Ways to Optimize Your Dating Profile (Bio Examples)

Imagine that you can attract more attention on online dating sites and increase your chances of finding singles in your area. Or even beyond... Imagine finding a lover is finally super easy and fast. That is now possible thanks to effective profile writing. If you are looking for some tips you are lucky. Here we suggest effective online dating profile tips based on science.

1) Apply 70:30 Rule

Use 70% of your profile to mention what type of person you are. Describe what you are looking for in a partner and what you want in a relationship in 30% of your bio.


Studies prove that both men and women doing this are more popular in dating apps. They receive more messages and their chances of meeting new people or finding what they want is dramatically high. Hence apply 70:30 rule in your dating profile for a more successful dating life.

For instance: I am an adventurous person who is passionate about traveling and am looking for like-minded single women to share awesome experiences with.

2) Trigger More Emotions

Studies show people prefer dating someone who has less attractive profile pictures but appears to be caring and emotionally responsive than the ones having perfect photos.

Still not convinced?

Both men and women reported that they want to be with emotionally more available people. Therefore triggering emotions is the key to meeting your matches and chatting with more people. How? Write your profile in a smart way by focusing on your hobbies and personality traits to show you are able to create romantic bonds.


'I am into movies a lot and am looking for someone who shares my passion and wants to talk about them for hours.'

'I am a calm person who loves to spend time doing indoor activities and want someone whom I can talk to watch films with and stay silent together for hours.'

'I am an animal lover who lives with two adorable dogs and am seeking for meeting local singles who share my love.'


Starting conversations has never been this easier. Now you can easily optimize your online dating profile based on expert online dating tips. It's down to you! Leave us a comment about the tip helped you the most.

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