Stay Away From These 6 Online Dating Red Flags Immediately

You must protect yourself from warning signs on dating sites. For online dating safety check out our post to learn the red flags and how to avoid them.
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Stay Away From These 6 Online Dating Red Flags Immediately

When you meet new friends on online dating websites you can neglect some warning signs. Yes even they are super obvious. While swiping left or right you need to pay attention to some online dating profile red flags that are not worth wasting your time. It's a good idea to move on to the other potential matches. We'll guide online daters about dating red flags that are not even worth your time. Let's learn the warning signs on dating profiles.

1. Profiles Without Texts: Online dating sites are great but you have a limited opportunity to express yourself with your photos and profiles. Someone who doesn’t write anything to their profile is either not enthusiastic about dating or just being lazy. If someone is lazy enough to avoid expressing themselves how would they spare time for a relationship?

2. Too few photos: Why is this a dating app red flag? Everyone should fill in your dating profile fully. Most of the time swiping decisions are based on snap judgments. When you can’t decide you will look at your potential match’s other photos and what they write on their profiles. If you don’t see other photos or anything on the profile they are probably fake.

3.Too many filters or light: This is a no-brainer. They are hiding something or unconfident.

4. Extremely vague personal details: People who don’t talk too much about themselves may not always be someones to stay away from. But sometimes they may hide something be married or in a relationship or something else. Be cautious and try to get to know them better via messaging.

5.Animal pictures: Unfortunately some people use photos of themselves with cute animals to gain sympathy and get swiped right. But it is up to you to decide because this is not always the case.

Bonus Tips: Profile Red Flags You Should Swipe Left

*Bathroom or gym selfies (aka narcissistic people).

*Party animals and people with group shots.

*People who have lots of ‘me’ or ‘I’ on their profile bio.

*People who type ‘I don’t want any drama’ or ‘I can’t tolerate …’.

*People who write good looking on their bio.

In conclusion these are the red flags you need to keep yourself protected. Keep your personal safety and emotional health as a priority on dating sites. Don't fall in the trap on the dating sites that are clear warning signs. For further red flags check out our blogs that will guide you step by step.

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