The Art of Online Dating (Based on Data Studies)

If you wish to know exclusive tricks and hacks to succeed at online dating you're in the right place. Explore how to stand out amond millions and conquer the online dating world.
The Art of Online Dating (Based on Data Studies)

The online dating world has fierce competition between millions of singles looking for a date. To win this competition you have to know some tricks to stand out. Lucky for you we collected 8 exclusive tricks that only a few people know.

1. Use magical words to impress subconsciously: Based on longitudinal data studies there are some magical words that subconsciously capture attention by signaling connection and true chemistry. When you use these words on your profile and messages you'll triple your response rates.

What are those magical words that most popular profiles have in common?

*Sports-related: Yoga pilates cardio weight-lifting squat fitness.

*Movie-related: Wolverine Deadpool Batman Iron Man Green Lantern Marvel Ghost.

*Hobby-related: Motorcycle reading piano travel bungee-jumping horse-back riding scuba diving.

*Love-related: Commitment marriage true chemistry hopeless romantic.

*Personality traits: Sophisticated classy sensitive fashionable.

*Drink-related: Matcha iced tea white chocolate mocha.

*Food-related: Belgian waffles guacamole chocolate Hawaiian pizza sushi cheeseburger.

*TV Series-related: Friends Game of Thrones Breaking Bad Netflix Stranger Things The Office How I Met Your Mother.

*Most liked emojis: joy smirk see no evil monkey heart eyes hankey.

Dating-related keywords: find friends chat with people around find international friends online meet people near me meet singles near me find a lover looking for a romantic relationship.

2. Use Love Prospecting formula: In your messages explain;

*Why you are a great catch

*Why you would be truly compatible with your match

*Why you are the best among your match’s other matches.

PS: Be concise confident and positive.

3. Choose awesome pictures:

Tips for men: Use outdoor photos. Show that you can afford a fancy hobby. Upload full body poses with nice clothes. Don’t pose with animals. Avoid group shots.

Tips for women: Upload selfies. Show an active lifestyle in the photos. Pose with your everyday clothes not with fancy clothes. Don’t do the ‘duck face’. Avoid excessive makeup. Don’t post mirror selfies.

4. Avoid common online dating mistakes: Don’t make the same mistakes others do if you want to win the competition against them. These mistakes include;

*Complimenting way too much to signal you’re out of your match’s league.

*Making too many jokes.

5. Don’t ‘tlk lik3 thz’: Write the words in the correct way. Don’t abbreviate.

6. Ask questions as an opening line: Don’t bore your matches like millions of others do by sending copy-paste generic ‘Hey’ texts. Ask fun questions to intrigue your match to answer.

7. Don’t overlook your personal safety: For safe online dating watch out for red flags such as early love confessions someone who offers money or emotionally abuses you.

8. Read your match’s profile: Find something in common. Send a personalized message based on your mutual interests.

Amazing isn’t it?

These little known hacks will guarantee a date in real life. Send us your favorite tricks and what you want to know about dating.

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