This is How to Get a Girl to Like You (Step by Step)

Wondering how to make a woman want you? See our helpful guide to get any girl you like and get a relationship.
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This is How to Get a Girl to Like You (Step by Step)

Sending the first message could be difficult and time-consuming if you are not sure what to text a girl. You might be tempted to write a generic hi or hello and be done. But you need to be creative because you want to impress her and a generic opening line wouldn't be enough. So how to text a girl? We are here to help you out about how to text a girl. More importantly you'll learn how to make a girl like you. We'll guide you step by step on text messages that will make her want you so let's get started.

1. Read Her Profile

Act like a psychologist who tries to understand a woman's personality by evaluating her online dating profile! Read her profile carefully. You can write about some common interests you two share. Or you can try to find anything you can something to tease her such as an embarrassing story weird hobbies something in her picture. When you personalize your opening line she will get happy and feel special. Once you achieve this you'll guarantee a response back.

A useful tip if you can't find anything on her profile:

This is a little tricky but you can turn this into an opportunity. Send a funny gif and caption it. For example send a gif of a confused man who tries to do some math and then write 'me trying to find the best first message for you'. Boom! You boosted the chance of getting a response from her. You broke the ice and made her like you already.

2. Subconsciously Signal Emotional Availability:

How to text a girl you like? Show how caring and sensitive you are by talking about your values beliefs and feelings confidently. Make her realize that you're emotionally available and you can do this by mentioning your relationship goals. Send good morning messages and text her every day. Make her feel special by complimenting her personality and interests as well as her look. This is how you get a girls attention and make her fall in love with you.

3. Surprise Her

With anything! Prepare DIY gifts for her. Write a song or poem for her. Plan something based on her interests such as getting a ticket for her favorite musician's concert. Little surprises like these will make a girl notice you and your interest.

4. Stand Out

Show your difference from other guys. Texting women to show that you are a great guy to date is a little hard but not impossible. Here's what you can do. In addition to showing your emotional availability show that you care about her and will make her always feel like the only girl in the world. Don't look at other girls while you're with her. Don't even text to other potential girlfriends.

To wrap up this is how to make a girl fall in love with you and make her want you. You start off with cute texts then slowly signal that you are a great boyfriend material and you will make her happy and special. What tips will you use to get the girl you like? For further tips check out our daily blogs. If you want to chat with girls flirt for free and try these effective tactics sign up to Waplog in less than a min down below and meet new people!

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