Top Dating Profile Examples that Get Men Dates

Struggling to create the perfect dating profile to attract girls? You’re not alone. Luckily we will provide you with awesome profile examples for a successful online dating life.
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Top Dating Profile Examples that Get Men Dates

Why do many men fail to attract women online? If you write the wrong things on online dating sites you will be doomed to fail. Knowing how to write the best dating profile is the key to meeting single people online and finding a girlfriend. How to create the best profile? Buckle up because you're about to see exclusive and unique online dating tips and profile examples for men to meet single ladies.

1) Don’t List Adjectives

Highlight only a FEW of your charming qualities in a fun way.

Example #1

Pros: Italian salsa instructor loves composing instrumental music and cooking no criminal records...

Cons: not a Hollywood star a fanatic clapper for Friends theme song..

When a girl reads it she will pay attention to him because he focuses on his interesting job unique hobbies and his nerdy side with a good sense of humor. She will be likely to send him a message to get to know him better.

Example #2

I enjoy last minute flights to Amsterdam. I am an architect in love with the Victorian architecture. I am also a geeky Netflix binge-watcher. What about you?

When single ladies read it they will infer that this guy loves spontaneous travels art and movies. He mentions his hobbies in an unusual way. So he is likely to get many messages from girls.

2) Show Instead of Writing

Choose photos of you enjoying your hobbies don't write a list in your profile. For instance if you love traveling don’t write 'I love traveling'. Show your fascinating travel photos. If you are an adventurous person upload photos of you doing bungee jumping.

3) Apply 70:30 Rule

Tell something about yourself in 70% of your bio. Then write your relationship goals in 30% of it. Mentioning what you want does not scare people off and you boost your chances of finding compatible matches.

For example:

*I am an extrovert who is passionate about partying and clubbing and I am looking for like-minded single women to share awesome experiences with.

*I am an animal lover who lives with two adorable dogs and I am seeking for meeting local singles who can enjoy walks in the park.

In conclusion squeezing an entire life into less than 300 characters is not too easy. Thanks to these profile examples and dating advice for men you know how to make a big impact with limited space and a good profile that allows you to meet attractive women easily or find instant dates online.

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