Top Dating Site Red Flags You Must Protect Yourself

Looking for online dating red flags that you should avoid? You're in the right place. Check out our helpful guide to learn everything you need to know.
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Top Dating Site Red Flags You Must Protect Yourself

Lots of the online daters have a HUGE problem. They don't notice any dating red flags because they focus on finding a girlfriend or boyfriend. When you meet someone new who could be your potential soulmate you may easily overlook the dangerous warning signs. Yes even they are super obvious. But don't worry! We will save you from trouble. Let's talk about dating app red flags you need to pay attention to and how to protect yourself from it.

1. When it takes forever for them to answer: The early stages of chatting online should be filled with the excitement of getting to know each other. You should talk a lot the chats should be live and online most of the time. If he or she doesn’t reply to you for a long time and not give any excuse maybe it is time to say ‘thank u next’.

2. When you get a generic message: Sending the same copy-paste pickup lines to everyone is a red flag. When you get a message that is clearly meant for someone else or everyone else you can safely assume that this person is up to no good. They probably want to score as many people as possible so they swipe right to everyone and send the same message to everyone to increase their chances of getting someone’s interest. So stay away from them if you don’t want to get hurt!

3. When they want to meet immediately: For God’s sake you just met! After saying hey nobody would want to meet in real life unless they are crazy needy or a psychopath. Mark our words! This could be someone who doesn’t have too many dating experiences and don’t know what to do. Or it could be someone who wants a physical relationship only.

In conclusion these are the red flags you need to keep yourself protected. We are not saying these types of people will harm you 100%. But they are more likely to be trouble than others. It is a good idea if you stop wasting your time with the wrong people who aren't even worth your time. But the best thing you could do is to keep your personal safety and emotional health as a priority on dating sites. Give a chance to people but know how to keep your distance. For further red flags check out our blogs that will guide you step by step.

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