Top Online Dating Conversation Starters

If you are searching for fun questions to ask single girls or guys you have just found them. Here we provide you with a complete list of fun questions to ask when dating online according to dating experts.
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Top Online Dating Conversation Starters

You may believe sending the first message to your crush or matches on the dating apps is hard. It is even harder when it comes to waiting for a response from them. Of course you want your opening lines on online dating chat sites to guarantee a reply. You wish to meet new people and find someone who will love you as you are. So the key to starting fun conversations and get messages back is to ask interesting questions and make the other person wonder about your answers. As your best wingman we present fun questions to ask on dating websites or flirty questions to ask your crush over text.

1) Name a place where you can calm down.

2) What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

3) What would your Patronus Charm look like?

4) Can you describe your dream house party?

5) Who is your favorite social media influencer?

6) Can you add a word in a movie’s name to make it completely different?

7) What is the worst song ever?

8) Do you believe elves exist?

9) What childish thing do you do when you are sick?

10) What’s the funniest yoga pose?

Isn't online flirting on dating apps is much better now? Thanks to these questions you will chat and flirt in the best way possible. Discover more over a text that will make your chat better. You're welcome.

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