What Do Guys Look For In a Girl

Are you unsure about what men want? We've got you covered with some of the things guys love most about girls.
What Do Guys Look For In a Girl

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could understand what men want so that you can easily make him fall in love with you? That would be amazing. When you know some secrets on what men find attractive and how to be irresistible to men; this will be a piece of cake. First of all; if you are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you; the answer is to show your difference. Proving that you are better than other girls will make him want you. But; here is the catch. You need to plant the idea in his mind that he needs you in his life. So; standing out from other girls and showing you are different isn't effective by itself. Lucky for you; we'll guide you on everything you need to know. Let's start.

1. Be Blunt

Guys don' t like guesswork and strategic games. So; instead of implying something or hiding your anger; just tell him how you feel. Be direct; honest; blunt even. Without being offensive or rude; of course. Save him from guessing and you'll show your difference from other girls.

2. Stop Pampering Him

This is especially a super effective tip if you want to turn a player into a lover. Men love when their ego is validated so you can flatter and compliment them. But; if you do it excessively; he will get cocky and will think he is too good for you. So; don't let him think this way. Compliment him and satisfy his ego; but find a balance and keep it cool (yes; even though he is a really hot guy.)

3. Show Him That He Needs What You Offer

What do men want in a woman? Guys love a woman who is intelligent; confident; independent; supportive; fun; caring and sensitive. He will decide to settle down for you if he sees you have all of these traits. BUT; the trick here is to plant the idea that he needs you because you have everything he wants. So; just showing that you are an amazing person won't capture his heart entirely. You need to make him realize he needs you in his life.

4. Don't Get Physical Right Away

If you want a man to take you seriously and commit in a relationship; you should take yourself seriously first. Make him wait for it a little and show him you are worth waiting to. Guys like what they don't have instantly; they like to strive for something they want.

5. Be Friends With Players

Every boy loves to date with someone whom he can be friends. If you are in love with a player and want to turn him into a lover; bond with him as a friend first. Ask him about his passions; dreams; struggles and personal life to bond emotionally. Players may seem cruel and insensitive but underneath that look; there is a fragile child who is afraid of getting hurt. That's why they have walls against the world; to protect themselves. Show them that you'll never hurt them and will always be there for them because you care so much about them. Once they truly believe this; they will let their guards down and get ready to be with you.

PS: At this point; you should be extra careful because; after one small mistake; he will back off forever and you'll lose your chances. So; be considerate of his feelings.

To wrap up; if you were wondering what men want and how to get a boy to like you; now your knowledge craving is hopefully satisfied. When comes to men; especially players; you definitely need some advice to capture their hearts and make them want a long term relationship with you. To learn more tricks and tips; check out our daily blogs.

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